Psychodynamic Therapy is a branch of psychology which is focused on unconscious processes and material which are manifest as symptoms in the individual’s present behaviour. Psychodynamic therapy originates from psychoanalytic theory and is primarily informed by four major schools; the Freudian school, Ego Psychology, Object Relations and Self Psychology.

An individual attending psychodynamic therapy learns to understand the influence of their past on their present behaviour by examining unresolved conflicts and learns to develops more self-awareness. The psychologist and the individual work together to help the client develop insight by exploring their emotions, thoughts, belief patterns and early life experiences. The therapeutic relationship between the psychologist and the individual attending therapy is central and crucial to psychodynamic therapy and serves as a representation of how a person typically interacts with others in their lives.  

Psychodynamic therapy is beneficial for persons experiencing a wide range of mental health difficulties including anxiety, depression, panic, eating disorders and more.

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