Play Therapy is a well-established, evidence-based discipline of psychological therapy. A play therapist uses the language of play as a medium of communication to facilitate interaction with the child. 

During play therapy, a safe and nurturing environment is created which allows the child to play freely and be creative in a comfortable space.  Through play, the therapist guides and supports the child to explore their feelings, experiences and solve problems.  The use of toys allows for the expression of the child’s inner world and can be used to represent fears, fantasies, anxieties and other emotional difficulties which may otherwise be too difficult to communicate.

Through the play environment, the child can learn to exercise the feeling of control, gain more self-confidence, become more self-accepting and practice decision-making. These are some of the broad objectives outlined for this therapeutic approach. 

Play therapy is beneficial and effective for, but not limited to, children experiencing behavioural difficulties, attachment difficulties, traumatic experiences or events, children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and more.

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