About us

“Is it ADHD, or could it be Autism?”; “is it both?” “Could it be neither?” Our team was set up specifically to answer your questions in a systematic and multi-disciplinary manner.

Every young person develops in a different and unique manner, making it a very complicated time. We will offer you an individualised tailor-made assessment pathway which will answer the questions on your son or daughter’s development. In order to determine which type of assessments will be required, you will be given a detailed questionnaire to complete before the first visit, and you will also be encouraged to give us a copy of all the previous workups or reports that you have already completed, to avoid repeating work unnecessarily.

TAASC has several professionals who are available to help your child if necessary to provide you with an assessment and individualized care plan that follows standardised protocols and meets international standards.

These include a child and adolescent psychiatrist, a neuropsychologist, clinical psychologists, counseling psychologists, behavioural therapist, educational psychologist, speech and language therapist, occupational therapist, pediatrician, school counselor. Our staff will discuss with you and advise which pathway and which of these professionals will be suitable to help you answer your questions. We will then arrange for these sessions to be held in a timely manner.

The initial session to these pathways will be carried out by the team manager. This session usually lasts about 90 minutes, this time includes evaluating your questionnaire, any previous information you had given us, a detailed developmental history and a discussion of the current difficulties. Towards the end of this interview, the professionals will discuss with you which further assessments should be considered, and why. You will then be provided with a copy of these recommendations, together with the expected costs of the required assessments.

Once you agree with the proposed plan, we will organise the sessions with the recommended specialists. Then, after all professionals involved has completed their assessment, the team members will meet together and discuss the results (multidisciplinary team meeting); the outcome of this discussion will be provided to you at a feedback session, and our recommendations will be included in a multidisciplinary report. Since this is the most important step of the assessment pathway, and allows us to give you the most complete answers, I am sure that you will appreciate that we cannot issue any certificates/reports before we have concluded all the pathway.

We will be glad to communicate our conclusions and recommendations to important stakeholders in your child’s development, such as schools, or family doctor. Furthermore, where we recommend any therapeutic interventions or follow up, we will be able to provide this by our specialist team, or let you know where this can be accessed.

Our commitment to you is that we strive to be a centre of excellence, therefore we will always do our utmost to ensure that the quality of our service meets international standards in health care, since we am sure that you expect this from us, and indeed our children deserve nothing less.