Education Assessment Pathway

During the process of assessment, the Educational Psychologists’ primary task is to help to clarify and define the needs of the individual child/young person in the context in which they are living and learning. This is informed by developing and testing hypotheses.”
— The British Psychology Society, 2015, p. 4[1]

 The objectives TAASC professionals aim to provide by offering an assessment to a person in this pathway include:

  1. Investigating the impact of barriers to learning, such as:
    • Literacy difficulties
    • Attention difficulties
    • Learning difficulties
  2. Reporting on the strengths, learning profiles, needs and recommendations for provision of support, such as:
    • Supporting individualised learning programmes
    • Additional support
    • Examination access arrangements
  3. Monitoring students’ progress, such as:
    • Review of progress and learning

The Education Assessment Pathway involves a personalised process tailored to the questions brought about by students, families and educators regarding the child or young person’s learning experiences. Therefore, the above pathway structure is discussed and adapted to fit the current circumstances and needs, where the families and students together with the professionals have the opportunity to decide on the structure of the pathway. This agreed upon structure commences with gathering information from different stakeholders such as parents/ carers/ guardians, the child, young person, and other professionals. This information is gathered via questionnaires, interviews and through a review of previous assessments and reports. If necessary a school observation is also conducted, to gather information in context and observe the child or the young person in his or her learning environment. Further agreed upon specialised assessments are conducted to provide a comprehensive picture of the student’s abilities, strengths and needs. These specialised assessments are conducted through the use of psychometric tests. The final process of this pathway involves a feedback session, where a report will be presented and discussed highlighting the outcomes of the assessment and the way forward with regards to intervention.

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